Shegaon Temple

Shree Gajanan Maharaj Temple – The Abode of devotion, love and selfless service

Shree Gajanan Maharaj Temple Sansthan is the largest temple trust in the Vidarbha region which is very well known for its highly disciplined, honest, spiritual, medical and social work in mostly rural areas or needy people. There is usually a very long waiting list for a few years for devotees all over India wanting to volunteer in the temple. The temple Trust is famous for its honest management, extreme simplicity and respect for pilgrims. The sevadhari devotees humbly volunteer for the love of their Guru following the preachings taught by Shree Gajanan Maharaj. There is a practice of selfless volunteers from nearby villages registering in groups of thirty to offer seva without honorarium for one month on rotation basis. During the 2020 pandemic the sansthan created patient wards and beds and distributed free food to thousands. Incidentally, it is the first Hindu temple to install SAP in India. Arguably, it is one of cleanest temples in India despite such large foot falls.

Sansthan is also very well known to take very good care of the pilgrims who come to Shegaon, and provides accommodation up to three days within the premises. The sansthan has built several rooms for pilgrims known as Bhakta Nivas, Sankul and Visawa where the management provides very good accommodation  with clean facilities for devotees for lodging and boarding providing food at minimal cost, and free transportation by bus from Railway station to Mandir. From 9 am – 9pm , Mahaprasad is served in the baari.  Somes pictures of Shree Gajanan Maharaj temple and places where he stayed are given below.

Shegaon Temple
Shree Ram Mandir
Shree Gajanan Maharaj Palkhi Procession
Maharaj Palakhi Procession
Shri Balabhau, Shri Narayan Maharaj Samadhi in Shegaon Temple and Shri Bankatlal House (left to right)
Maruti Temple and Shiva Temple in Shegaon (left to right)
Maharaj Pragat Sthal and Maruti idol in Shegaon temple (left to right)